Upload Documentation

If you received an email requesting you submit proof to support the claim you filed you can use this web-portal to upload documentation. You should use the Claim ID number from the email you received to login below and access the document upload form.

Any Claimants submitting proof should upload documents sufficient to confirm their connection, (be it by ownership, use or subscription), to each phone number upon which they contend to have received telemarketing calls relating to this litigation.

  • Such documents could include, but need not be limited to, a phone bill or a reference to a phone directory confirming the connection between the phone number and the claimant.
  • Any documentation that will allow the Parties or the Settlement Administrator to independently verify the claimant’s ownership, use or subscription to the phone number at issue will be sufficient.
  • We request that you please limit your submission to a single page, if possible.

Please Note: The deadline for claimants to submit requested additional documentation is May 1, 2018.

Please enter the Claim Number that appears on the Notice you received.

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